Each of us has had our first day at UM-Dearborn... most of us have had different experiences. Some of us love the campus, some of us may have wished that it was bigger, some may think that it's too much going on, others may think that it's not enough.

Gladly there are plenty of things to love about UM-Dearborn. We're going to name a few... a plethora of organizations to get involved in from Volunteer Dearborn to Amnesty International, a major to suit just about everyone, PROFESSORS that actually care about the success of the students, cool people to go to school with everyday, student bloggers that keep us up to date with being a student at UM-D. There is definitely something for everyone! Not to mention the Henry Ford Estate being located right behind campus, which is a definite must for lunch one day.

With so many different things going on in our lives, it is nice to have some cohesiveness. That is the epitomy of Kappa Omega Chi Sorority... we are a wonderful group of ladies, small in size that have been bonded through our personal drive, interests and the values of Kappa Omega Chi. We all came into the school with different ideas, and we've all grown to love different things. But in the end, we all love Kappa Omega Chi Sorority.

With that being said, come and visit us at some of our rush events. Grow to love something spectacular at UM-Dearborn!

You're in for a Treat :-)

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