For many of you reading our blog, you may be confused by the term 'rush' when referring to sororities and fraternities. We're going to clear that up for you!

Rush is a form of recruitment... less formal, less intense, less demanding. It is simply your opportunity to come out and meet the ladies of our sorority. At UM-Dearborn, we host a series of events that begin this Sunday, September 26th. Because students have varying schedules, it is quite impossible to expect everyone to be able to attend all of our events. Therefore, we try to accomodate as many individuals as possible by having both day and evening events, as well as on and off-campus events.

Rush is different from recruitment in another form as well; it's free! Some, but not all, sororities require a fee to be paid in order to participate in their formal recruitment process. Our events are free, and you are allowed to bring whomever you'd like. We also provide transportation to our events, if for any reason you may need a ride.

Kappa Omega Chi's rush process is broken into two series. The first is Open Rush, which speaks for itself. It is open to all interested ladies, and it is the opportunity for you to get to know us as a group and vice versa. Closed Rush is an invitation only event, designed to get to know each prospective member on an individual basis.

This pretty much sums up the rush process for our organization. We are open to any and all questions.

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